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Why go MOBILE?

Mobile phones are used more than PC's

In the world there are more people using smartphones to search for information, buy deals and search for stores, then people doing the same via a PC.

Most of the people use their phones to:

  • Access Internet
  • Search for information
  • Read news
  • Buy from stores
  • Receive offers and promotions via SMS, Email, QRcode ...

Mobile is a perfect marketing tool

Consumers always have their phones with them. Their phone is a perfect tool to help them get in touch with you and become your customers. Acquiring new customers with mobile is easy, inexpensive and can be done in minutes, anywhere, anytime and offers a better tool than using a PC! Start acquiring customers in your store, via social media and via mobile.

Mobile is impulse and impulse drive sales

Imagine your business wants to send out a promotion: do you think it will generate more attention if you send an email that is read via a PC or an SMS instantly delivered to a phone? Generating impulse promotions means generating more impulse sales.

Quick purchase on mobile: anywhere, anytime you always have your mobile with you, right?

Well, we all do. Online sales (sales via PC, the so called E-commerce) take place at home, with a PC and with the customers dedicating up to 15-20 minutes to make a purchase. Mobile sales (sales via a mobile phone) can happen anywhere, anytime, and take usually 2-3 minutes.

Google cares about mobile-friendly design — a lot!

Google has announced that it is optimizing search results for mobile users by adding a “mobile-friendly” label to websites on search results pages. This means that websites meeting Google’s criteria for a mobile-friendly site will be more likely to turn up in a mobile search.

Here are some of the features that Google bots will look for in a mobile-friendly site:

  • Readable text that doesn’t require zooming.
  • Pages that automatically resize, to avoid scrolling.
  • Links that are far enough apart so that it’s possible to tap the correct one.

If you’re unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, run it through Google’sMobile-Friendly Test. This test analyzes your Web page and will report back to you if your site passes the test. If it doesn’t, it may be a smart move for your business to invest in a website that will.

Is Your Site


If you're not mobile, you are MISSING OUT

Complete mobile solutions. We deliver cost-effective, great-looking mobile websites that help your business connect with millions of mobile users nationwide. Our proven mobile websites help you stand out from the crowd and drive mobile in real-time.

Go mobile for less than you think. We will convert your existing website into one made specifically for all types of smartphones, enabling customers to better interact with your business on-the-go.

Your customers are mobile. Ever tried to visit your own website from a smartphone? With more people searching the web from their mobile devices than desktop computers, it’s never been more important that your website represents your business professionally when it matters most.

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